About Me

Quick stats:

  • Grew up in Sioux Center, IA
  • B.A. in Business and Spanish from Morningside University
  • M.A. in Dance Education from University of Northern Colorado
  • Currently full-time office & marketing manager for the Theatre Department of Dordt University as well as adjunct instructor of dance!

So...as someone with a combination of business experience and a strong background in the performing arts, my eye for effective storytelling has been developing for a long time!

Capturing moments of raw emotion and energy through the lens of my camera or in the choreography of a dance piece is what drives me. My passion for movement art forms has led me to explore and experiment with various styles and techniques, always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Whether I am behind the camera, a computer screen working on a marketing plan, or on stage, I am constantly inspired by the unique and individual stories that each person brings to my work.

And last but certainly not least, I'm also a mom. I totally get that moms don't often get photos of themselves with their families, which is one of the reasons I love capturing those candid moments.